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The AFVM has supported several projects alongside the Wien Museum. 

Schubert Museum


The historic Wien Museum building, completed in 1959, is currently closed for a complete renovation and major expansion. In a global competition with 274 entries, Austrian architectural firm Winkler, Ruck, and Certov won the commission with a daring design that adds to extra levels of space seemingly floating above the original building. In addition, a glass pavilion and terrace open the museum to the city and citizens of Vienna. Exhibition space will be nearly doubled; and generous new areas will be devoted to events and the museum’s educational activities. A café and restaurant will be another highlight.

The plan calls for a complete renovation of the museum’s central facilities on the Karlsplatz. 


This gives the American Friends of the Vienna Museum a great opportunity to diligently raise the profile of the AFVM and the Wien Museum in general. The building project, which will transform the entire Karlsplatz, is Vienna’s most high-profile cultural endeavor of our time. It will be closely watched, its completion eagerly anticipated.

Check the status of the renovation here.

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Franz Schubert may be the most Viennese of all the great composers. Born and raised in the city as well as a life-long resident there, there is as yet no high-profile museum commemorating his extraordinary creations. We are currently transforming the house where the composer was born, a landmark building from the 18th century, into a major Schubert museum. It will immerse visitors in a complete Schubert experience. In addition, a state-of-the-art performance hall will serve as a venue for Vienna’s top young musical talent.


The Beethoven  Museum


A towering figure among classical composers, Ludwig van Beethoven spent his entire professional life in Vienna. Yet no high-profile museum commemorating Beethoven’s life and work exists in this city renowned for its musical heritage. Until now, the Wien Museum has operated a small memorial site in rooms overlooking the courtyard of the house where Beethoven wrote his famed “Heiligenstadt Testament.” We are about to change that.

In an exciting development, the Wien Museum recently brought the entirety of the Beethoven house in Heiligenstadt under its administration. Under the leadership of Wien Museum curator Alexandra Hönigmann and a team of international experts, the Wien Museum will completely renovate and reopen the Beethoven Museum Heiligenstadt as a state-of-the-art exhibition space, research center, and performance venue. With the planned remodeling along with key object acquisitions, the Wien Museum aims to create an engaging, immersive, and complete Beethoven experience.

This project is supported by the American Friends of the Vienna Museum. 

Learn more here.

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The Vienna

Humanities Festival

Going on four years now, the Wien Museum has transformed itself into an expansive urban salon every fall. In dozens of conversations, talks, and panel discussions, today’s leading cultural icons address an audience of several thousand people. Modeled on the Chicago Humanities Festival, the festival encourages creative thinking and cultural exchanges. The Vienna Humanities Festival has enjoyed the support of American Friends of the Vienna Museum since its inception in 2016.

Read more about the festival by viewing the official program from 2016 and its success here

Digitizing Vienna's Cultural Heritage @ Wien Museum

Even with so many physical sites under the Wien Museum’s umbrella, we can never exhibit anywhere near all of the ca. 1,500,000 objects contained in our collection. With the development of new database software and an enhanced online presence, the Wien Museum will be able to grant the entire world access to the rich cultural heritage of Vienna. The project is currently under development; it is scheduled to go on-line in late 2020.

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All of these projects could use your support.

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