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Learn about the American Friends of the Vienna Museum's achievements and events.

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Vienna Humanities Festival

The Second Annual Vienna Humanities Festival will explore the theme of revolution in culture, art, politics, and more. With many English-language programs, it is sure to be fascinating to American guests.

Around 3,000 people attended the first annual Vienna Humanities Festival between 23rd and 25th of September 2016. Organized jointly by the Wien Museum and the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM), the weekend-long event offered approximately 40 lectures, discussions, and readings exploring the festival theme, ‘Out of Place.’ Speakers included academics and curators from a wide range of disciplines, from anthropologists to philosophers. The festival was made possible through the generous support of private and institutional sponsors. The American Friends of the Vienna Museum provided seed funding for the inaugural Vienna Humanities Festival.  Modeled on Chicago Humanities Festival, the Vienna Humanities Festival encourages creative thinking and cultural exchanges. Read more about the festival in the official program and its success here

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