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Spring 2020 Newsletter

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Dear Friends—

The interconnectedness of humanity is fully displayed as our respective regions and countries address Covid-19. Our friends in Vienna are also quarantined and required to work from home. But the Wien Museum continues to serve in its role as the city’s repository on all historical matters.

With this in mind, the museum turned to Vienna’s residents to start a collection project to document the Corona crisis. The project went public on Wednesday morning – and by Friday morning, hundreds and hundreds of contributions have come in. 

You can find the growing collection on the Wien Museum’s website by visiting this link

Sadly, all over the world Beethoven 250 celebrations have been postponed or reconceived. There is no better time to listen to your favorite composition. Here’s one from Vienna.

Finally, Vienna-based, American-born artist, Deadbeat Hero is thriving.  This piece sums up the current state of life on both sides of the Atlantic. 

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