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The American Friends of the Vienna Museum has numerous programs in place to support Vienna and the Wien Museum. Find out more on how to get involved below.

Modesammlung Wien Museum


The Wien Museum would like to offer exclusive access to its staff and treasures. Take advantage of the special relationship conferred by membership in American Friends of the Vienna Museum. 

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At the end of April, following months of lobbying by Wien Museum Director Matti Bunzl and his team, Vienna’s legislature approved and fully funded the museum’s renovation and expansion plans. 


The plan calls for a complete renovation of the museum’s central facilities on the Karlsplatz.  The city has provided 108 M Euros ($130 M) for the project. The museum is likely to close the first quarter of 2019 and reopen in 2022.


Matti and the museum staff are thrilled and are eagerly anticipating the added space the expanded museum will provide. It will allow them to realize their vision for a city museum for the 21st century – an urban salon that blends public education with civic participation.


This gives the American Friends of the Vienna Museum a great opportunity to diligently raise the profile of the AFVM and the Wien Museum in general. The building project, which will transform the entire Karlsplatz, is Vienna’s most high-profile cultural endeavor of our time. It will be closely watched, its completion eagerly anticipated.


The model of Vienna's first district was created in 1898 on the occasion of Emperor Francis Joseph's 50th crown jubilee and as a symbol of the growth and transformation that made Vienna one of the world's major cities at the turn of the 20th century. While the Wien Museum is renovated and expanded, the model – 13’x16.5’ and made of paper – has to undergo extensive conservation.

American Friends of the Vienna Museum have the opportunity to help preserve this piece of history. Visit the link below to view the 3-D map and select an address to sponsor. To receive a tax deduction, donate through the American Friends of the Vienna Museum website and note the address you'd like to reserve in the comments section. We will do our best to accommodate your request. 

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